PRO-LAB™ Professional Partners Program

About the Program

PRO-LAB® is the largest full-service environmental testing laboratory in the world. We are also the leading manufacturer and distributor of the most complete line of home safety test kits. With the ever-growing awareness of indoor environmental hazards and the public's concern of the effects they can have on the home and the individuals that live in them, prospective home buyers have become increasingly more mindful about the indoor air and water quality of the homes they are considering purchasing, as well as the potential health risks that may be associated with the home's condition.

The PRO-LAB® Professional PARTNERS Program is a comprehensive, nationwide network that provides realtors with the necessary tools to identify Certified Environmental Home Inspectors and Remediation Specialists around the country.

By Home Inspectors participating in the program, you will enhance your credibility and build brand awareness of your business by aligning yourself with a leader in the environmental industry. You will be provided with the tools and support that will enable you to stand out amongst the competition. As a PRO-LAB® PARTNER, these are some of the benefits you will receive:

- Environmental Certification (if applicable)
- Membership Certificate
- Membership Identification Card
- Realtor Referrals
- Comprehensive Lab Reports
- Training Seminars & Workshops
- Discount offers on Lab Analysis
- Discount offers on Equipment
- Discount offers on Educational Courses
- In-house Customer Service Support Dept.
- Ongoing Educational Programs
- Website Links
- Marketing Materials
- Industry News and Resources

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